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Who We Are

As stories go, ours is simple…

We love to eat, we love to cook, we love watching people’s faces light up as they read a menu, take the first mouth of a dish, and insist their companions have a forkful.

We love the laughter that comes from a shared meal and the silence when everyone quietly contemplates a new flavour or texture on their plate.

We love the memories of a great meal and the anticipation of the next.

There’s a whole lotta love at Kepos Street Kitchen.

Where did all the love come from, you ask?

Chef and owner Michael Rantissi grew up in Tel Aviv, watching his mum cook and feasting on the multi-cultural offerings of his neighbourhood. He did his professional training in Israel at Tadmor College and then studied at the EPI Academy in Paris, then the CIA (not the CIA, that’s the Culinary Institute of America) in New York.

In 2005 he arrived in Australia where he joined the fine dining restaurant kitchen at The Bathers’ Pavilion as Sous Chef.  After 3 years at Bathers’ he moved to Pink Salt, Double Bay then to down to The Rocks and Circular Quay to work with the 100 Group.

Michael Rantissi 13The food Michael serves at Kepos Street Kitchen draws on the best of his childhood meals mixed with classical training and an ever-developing palate. Dishes have a strong Mediterranean influence with a Middle Eastern twist.

Kristy Frawley – all-around problem solver – also had her passion for food ignited in her family kitchen and dining in the restaurants of Sydney. Her skills in hospitality were gained at Le Meridien Piccadilly in London and then at The Regent, Sydney.

Since 1999 she has been the office manager at the iconic Bathers’ Pavilion and has assisted executive chef and owner Serge Dansereau in all facets of the business, including editing his many cookbooks.

Kristy is also a home baker whose gift for making cakes, slices, biscuits and pastries mean the customers of the little Redfern café always have something sweet to order.

Kepos Street Kitchen opened on 13th November, 2012 after restoring the site of a once neighbourhood favourite Strangers with Candy. Michael and Kristy have poured their hearts into it.

We hope you love it.


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